Thursday, November 26, 2009

week 14 and 15

week 14: lemon
Your adorable little fetus is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, and (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth.

week 15: orange

Continuing the march towards normal proportions, baby's legs now outmeasure the arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably still can't feel the movements.

Source: the bump

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

13 wk status

How Big is Baby: the size of a lime
Total Weight Gain: as of 11/14 i was up 10lbs. i actually lost a lb or 2 since the week before i was up 12lbs.
Maternity Clothes: yes, i am now in maternity pants. but i have to say, i'm lovin' them. why didn't i wear maternity pants when i wasn't pg? they are so comfortable!
Stretch Marks: nope
Sleep: well, it's getting more difficult to find a comfortable position in which to fall asleep. and i am still waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.
Best Moment this Week: i'm finally in the 2nd trimester.
Food Cravings: my taste is still very fickle. i'm currently very much over eatting out. and i've finally been able to make dinner for myself the past couple of nights.
Gender: ?
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button: still there ;)
What I miss: liking food...
What I'm looking forward to: our 2nd appt on dec 3rd
Weekly Wisdom: this could always get much worse, so i need to stop complaining. :)
Milestones: i'm in the 2nd trimester!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weeks 11-13

week 11: lime

Your fetus currently enjoys a 1:1 ratio between body and head, and has skin so transparent that blood vessels show right through. But, fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds and nail beds are forming -- setting up a significantly more attractive future.

week 12: plum
As you move into the second trimester, baby shifts into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of baby's systems are fully formed.

week 13: peach
Your fetus is forming teeth and vocal cords... savor this, their non-functional phase. Baby is approaching normal proportions, with a head now only one third the size of the body. Intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby's tummy. (Much more convenient.)

Source: the bump

God bless you, Citizens of Humanity!

so i decided to make a "splurge" purchase, and buy a nice pair of overly priced, designer maternity jeans. why? well, because i deserve it, right? shoot, i'm doing all the work over here!! and none of my pants fit me seeing as i'm already up 10lbs, so i had to find some jeans that flatter the ever-growing lady lumps (in the back and in the front - lol). so i went to nordstroms online, and made my purchase. a pair of citizens of humanity maternity jeans. i was so excited when they came in, and even more excited when i tried them on! i felt awesome! and they made my tush look like a baby pumpkin. definitely worth every penny i paid for them!! :)

Belly bump pics

here i am at:
11wk 0da
11wk 3da

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing Baby T

I know, I know, I suck at updating! :(

Well we had our u/s appt this morning. OMG, what a surreal experience! Dr said that baby looks healthy and everything looks great. Baby's heartbeat was 164 bpm. We got some really good pics. At one point we were able to see baby dancing around (or flopping like a fish - it all looks the same at that size). I think that was the freakiest moment. I definitely felt like I was acting out a scene of the movie "Alien." And it was so weird that I couldn't feel any movement, but of course it's only 4 cm big, so I'm sure it's hard to feel anything moving that is that big.

Here are some of the pics we got today: