Thursday, February 25, 2010

not even out of the womb and already an overachiever...

...just like his mom & dad (but really, just his mom!!! ;))

today was our appt, and i am happy to announce that everything is looking great! baby is head down, and just hanging out. he's also measure right on, which is great! he still hates the doppler, and always tries to run away when they are trying to get his heartbeat. we scheduled our next appt for the 25th of Mar. and then after that i have to start going every 2 weeks - yikes! at our next appt i will have my glucose test, so i've been instructed to have a BIG breakfast to include eggs, bacon, and pancakes. aye, aye captain!! if it will benefit the baby, i'm game!!! ;)

i'm thrilled that everything went well, but i hope/pray that everything *continues* to go well! so if you're out there reading, please keep us in your thoughts.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordless wednesday

i was asked yesterday what my baby carrier demonstration assistant looked like...voila!

another gift for Baby T from one of our very generous thoughtful friends.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

baby carrier heaven!!

a few posts ago i mentioned that i purchased a baby wrap from a wonderful seller off of Etsy. well, a few days after that i also purchased another baby carrier (an Ergo) from heavenly hold. i know, i know, i have SO much self-control!! ;)

i had received my wrap a few days ago; but yesterday when i got home from the gym, i noticed that my ergo had come in. and in typical "immediate gratification" fashion, i whipped them out (as soon as i got them), got out the cabbage patch simulation baby (please don't ask me why i still have my cabbage patch doll), and started practicing (and taking pictures - must.document.everything).

the wrap (which is very similar to the moby wrap in that it is 1 long piece of fabric) was SO intimidating to me (as i knew it would be), but after i found a very helpful video on youtube, i got the hang of it.

here's my 1st attempt

as you can see, i pretty much epic failed at tying it. it should NOT be this tangled looking in the back

but in my defense 1) it was my 1st attempt, and 2) it's hard to maneuver things around my ever-growing belly. i tried again last night, and did much better, so i think i'm just going to practice daily so that i can master the wrap.

the ergo was considerably easier because it just buckles in the back. so once again, i gathered my assistant, and strapped her in.

i can't wait to take Baby T for a spin in these!! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

27 week status and baby "bump" pic

26 wk 3 da
How Big is Baby: still the size of an eggplant.
Total Weight Gain: as of 2/20 i was up 24lbs.
Maternity Clothes: check!
Stretch Marks: none yet
Sleep: sleep is an issue these days. i'm constantly "tossing" from one side to the other, and i don't think i can take these wacky a$$ dreams much longer. i'm waking up stressed out!
Best Moment this Week: i bought some really cute clothes for Baby T, and finally got in 1 of the baby wraps that i ordered.
Food Cravings: mac n cheese
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button: what belly button? i think it's completely closed up.
What I miss: being able to walk up 1!!!! flight of stairs without getting winded
What I'm looking forward to: my doc appt on thurs
Weekly Wisdom: our decisions will probably offend someone, but we have to do what we think is best during our transition into parenthood.
Milestones: i'm almost at 7 mo.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

*sniff* someone thinks i'm special...

...and i don't mean "special" special. though, i'm sure there are quite a few that think that i am - lol.

thank you to ms. darcel over at the mahogany way for awarding me with this wonderful blog award.


i'm especially honored because i LOVE LOVE LOVE darcel's blog and check it daily to see if she's updated. she's been on my blog inspiration list since i found her, so it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside to know that she checks out my blog too. :)

alright, so the rules for accepting the award are as followed:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you
  2. Pass this award on to bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.
  3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they've won.
  4. State 7 things about yourself.
on to the "fun facts for free" about yours truly:
  1. i'm originally from S. FL, but now live in AL. i miss FL dearly, and hope to one day move back (you can't beat wearing flip flops 12 mo out of the yr).
  2. i scare easily, and have never watched the whole MJ thriller video (nor do i plan to).
  3. i had the pleasure of breaking my 1st (and 2nd) bones - ankle/leg - last yr....while on vacation in puerto rico...on our 2nd day there...and had to have surgery while there. sweet deal, eh?! ;)
  4. i married my highschool sweetheart (we've been together in total close to 12 yrs), and i love him more each day :) (and i'm not just saying that because he occasionally reads my blog)
  5. i'm an engineer by trade, but decided a few yrs ago to do something completely out of my comfort zone, so i went and got certified to teach Zumba Fitness and have done it (as a hobby) ever since. i've actually been fortunate enough to continue to teach my classes while preggo. Baby T has been very cooperative! :)
  6. i LOVE guinea pigs! they are my fav animal. i got my 1st one in 6th grade (won it in a raffle), and have had them as pets, off and on, ever since. i haven't had one since my last one died a few yrs ago, but i can't wait for Baby T to get old enough so we can get him one.
  7. i would absolutely love to live overseas (europe) one day for a few yrs.
and for some of the blogs that i think are super-di-duper (and which i think everyone should check out):

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I only went to Target for fruit....

I'm not sure how all of this got in my cart! ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eeeeeek, less than 100 days!

Great Odin's Raven!! i just noticed that we are under the 100 day mark! how did that happen?? it's crazy to think that 26 wks ago i began this pregnancy journey that is now more than half over, and in less than 100 days, D and i will be welcoming another little being into our homes, catering to his needs (guess i have to stop being "princess" for a while - lol), and shaping/molding his little mind (God bless him)! all panic attacking aside, i'm really excited to soon meet this little person that is unfortunate enough to have some of the craziest people as his parents - lol. i want to see what he looks like, and figure out who's personality he got (crossing my fingers that it's mine - lol). and if you can measure a child's demeanor by how they act in the womb. i'm confident that we're going to have a very mellow/obedient child (or that might be a lot of wishful thinking). btw, if anyone knows where i can get a "parenthood for dummies" book - let me know because i'm pretty sure we have no idea what we're doing. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

some prayer requests...

i don't usually get serious (and those that know me in person will vouch for that), but i just wanted to ask a favor from everyone out there reading. if you are so inclined, could you please keep the families of the victims of last week's tragic shooting at the university of alabama-huntsville in your thoughts and prayers? this city has seen 2 tragic, terrible, senseless shootings in the last 2 weeks (very very VERY uncharacteristic of this city/area), and we're all trying hard to make sense out of it.

one of the victim's (dr. joseph leahy) family has started their own blog to document his recovery, and let everyone know how he's doing. so if you get a moment, check it out and show your support. it seems like he is getting better little by little.

and my 2nd prayer request is for a very good, dear friend of mine. she and her hubby recently started their fertility treatment journey a few months ago, and she *just* got word that she is preggo! i'm am so beyond thrilled for them. they are such a loving, generous, caring couple, and i know that they are going to make excellent parents (hell, i'm more confident of their abilities than my own - lol)! so please keep her and her hubby in your thoughts and prayers that baby(ies) stick and everything goes smoothly!!

Yay more baby stuff...

i'm so excited! we have a car seat! one of my very generous coworkers gave us his son's old car seat. and it's so cute! i just love cute, free stuff! i wasn't able to get a pic of it this morning, but it looks like this:

i believe it's a Graco Snugride.

i also ordered this baby carrier and wet bag from Snuggy Baby on Etsy (another one of my favorites)

can't wait for it to come in! this feels an awful lot like christmas!! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

baby-related weekend recap

no more living in denial (not like i really could anyway), this weekend was all about Baby T (STILL no name btw - arrrrggggghhhh!!)...

friday we went and picked up this arms reach bassinet that i bought off of someone on craigslist (i love craigslist, btw). wow, was it a wake-up call when we brought it into the house. in just a few months someone will be sleeping in that. *gulp*

saturday was the day of our 1st bradley class. i thoroughly enjoyed it. the instructor is great! she told us all about her births (of which she's had 3 natural births), and i was so inspired. and she is very knowledgeable and supportive of everyone's decisions, which made me feel really comfortable having her as our instructor. my fav part was the relaxation exercise at the end, which i jumped right into with no hesitation. i think the fact that i read the hypnobirthing book really helped me embrace it, even though i was laying on essentially a stranger's living room floor. D was really shocked that i was SO comfortable! i'm already planning to bring a couple of blankets for the next time - lol.

then sunday, D and i went to a baptism preparation class - a requirement to schedule a subsequent baptism. and learned all about all of the hoops we have to jump through in order to get Baby T baptized. *sigh* i'm still a bit stressed about it, so i'm not going to say much else on that topic. then, we drove up to nashville. i wanted to make a trader joes run (love that store), and then take a trip to the coach factory outlet. yes, my name is tiffany, and i'm addicted to coach purses! what exactly did i get from there? well just this fab diaper bag, is all!!! now i can't wait to shove all of my baby items in there. D has already said he refuses to hold/use that bag, so it's mine all mine ((insert evil laughter here))!

so all in all, it was a very productive weekend. and i get to scratch some things off of my to-do list, so that makes this anal-retentive, type-A, planner very happy!! :)

26 week status and bump pic

25 wk 3 da
How Big is Baby: the size of an eggplant.
Total Weight Gain: as of 2/13 i was up 23lbs.
Maternity Clothes: check!
Stretch Marks: none yet
Sleep: still sleeping on my side, waking up to pee, having the weirdest dreams i'm waiting for those weird dreams to stop!
Best Moment this Week: had a wonderful massage on thurs, and scheduled my next one for mar!! :) and D and i went to our 1st bradley class session on sat. it was great!!
Food Cravings: i had a terrible craving yesterday for kiwi!
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button: it's still shrinking
What I miss: being able to get off of a couch without assistance!
What I'm looking forward to: our next dr appt on 2/25, and our next bradley class on the 27!
Weekly Wisdom: every body is different, so i really need to stop worrying about what other people tell me and just experience my pregnancy my way.
Milestones: it's not really a milestone for me...but this morning i got my weekly "your pregnancy" newsletter from the american pregnancy association which (amongst other things) said: "If you are having a little boy, his testicles have begun their descent into his scrotum." now granted, i think this is TMI, but i am happy for him. ;)

New Book: Birth Your Way by Sheila Kitzinger

i started this book last week, but never got around to posting about it.

Here's the book description from amazon:
The best way to choose birth at home or in the hospital. As research discloses the risks of intensively managed hospital birth, increasing numbers of women are considering alternatives. This new updated edition of Sheila Kitzinger's pioneering work gives them the facts. Highly informative yet sensitively written, and supported by firsthand accounts of women's personal experiences of birth, this is the essential guide for every woman considering her options. a longtime champion of freedom of choice in childbirth, Sheila Kitzinger is uniquely placed to advise and support women who want to make the right decision confidently for themselves.

Monday, February 8, 2010

25 week status and belly bump

24 wk 3 da
How Big is Baby: the size of an eggplant.
Total Weight Gain: as of 2/4 i was up 23lbs. Baby T sure is growing quickly!
Maternity Clothes: check!
Stretch Marks: none yet
Sleep: still sleeping on my side, waking up to pee, having the weirdest dreams
Best Moment this Week: D felt BT kick and got so freaked out he subsequently avoided touching my tummy like the plague!! welcome to my world!!
Food Cravings: lots of carbs today (yummy, mac/cheese and mashed potatoes)
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button: it's still shrinking
What I miss: being able to actually do a yoga class. i went to one on fri and spent half the class in child's pose. :)
What I'm looking forward to: my massage appt on the 10th, and our next dr appt on 2/25
Weekly Wisdom: every body is different, so i really need to stop worrying about what other people tell me and just experience my pregnancy my way.
Milestones: i just hit the 6 mo mark! woot woot!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review: Hypnobirthing

i'm so proud to say that this book did NOT take me 4 months to read like my last book. here's my review...

great book! mongan presents a wonderful method of relaxation for those interested in giving birth naturally or in a stress-free environment. she believes that birth does not have to be a painful event full of fear and worry. she teaches the reader (with the help of a cd included with the book) how to enter into a state of calm and relaxation using visualization and breathing techniques. she provides several affirmations in the book for mom to say to help feel empowered and at ease with the birth process that will eventually begin. she gives advice on the different positions that will assist with birthing baby. and provides pointers on different things that can be done in order to make the birthing experience better for both mom and baby.

this book is a great book to read even for those not planning to have a natural birth. too often we are told that birth is something that needs to be feared (for various reasons), and reading this book may help calm mother and bring a new found confidence about giving birth to their babies. my favorite quotes from the book are: "The manner in which you labor and birth, and the atmosphere into which your baby is born, should offer the same love and care that you provided as you carried him," and "The birthing environment should have the same respect and calm as a place of worship." no doubt, there are situations in which it is not possible to have a completely calm, worry-free birth. but we need to make it a practice to listen to and trust in our bodies and their natural ability to give birth. and this book helps us to take that first step. i'm very glad i read it!

WTF?? 6 Months Already??

Let your spouse put an ear to your belly -- he might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required). Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink -- perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

Source: the bump

Friday, February 5, 2010

system overload...

last night D and i attended a local "new and expectant parents" meetup group. and last night's topic was cloth diapers and babywearing. for those of you that don't know me (and can't tell from my blog), i'm a bit of a hippie at heart. and the idea of cloth diapering/babywearing just fascinates me. so i was super excited for the meeting! as was D because he would love to find a way to hold the baby and play his computer games at the same time! :)

but yikes! talk about system overload!! there are just SOOOOO many options out there, and it can be so overwhelming for a 1st timer, like ourselves. it took all of my will power not to run from the room crying with my fingers in my ears. but then again, i'm easily stressed out. that's just part of my personality.

we are registered at target, and surprisingly enough they do have a selection (albeit a small selection) of cloth diapers and slings/baby carriers.

i think the brand of CD that we decided to go with is bumgenius. as i already mentioned, target didn't have much of a selection, but i've heard good things about BG so that works out well. check out how cute they look - man, CDs have come a long way...

and now onto babywearing....

we got to see/learn about SO many brands of baby slings and carriers it wasn't even funny. the thing that originally interested me in babywearing was the you could keep baby close to you, while you did other things (i like to be efficient). but i learned last night that there are other benefits to babywearing:

  1. helps baby with their transition from the womb
  2. reduces crying (sign me up!) and colic
  3. improves baby/parent bond
  4. helps with baby's growth, physically, intellectually, and emotionally
  5. ....and it keeps strangers from germing up my baby!! :)

the 2 that i really liked were the moby wrap and the mei tai. the moby is a bit more complicated to tie than some of the other wraps/slings/carriers we looked at, but it seemed to be (at least to me) the most secure and versatile. and excitingly enough, target carries it, so we've put it on our registry. luckily i still have time to learn how to wrap it properly before Baby T arrives. the mei tai, however is not carried by target, so we'll have to order that online ourselves. but no biggie!

moby wrap

mei tai

and some useful resources, for those interested:

  1. the baby wearer
  2. diaper pin
  3. cotton babies

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

pics and stuff...

finally the pics from last week's u/s are here!! my wonderful coworker scanned them in (thank you, marisa!) since my hubby was being a *major* slacker (and i don't even want to hear that i could have scanned them myself - i'm already doing enough work!).

the proof that we're having a boy!

he's facing right at us in this one...

i call this one his "skeletor shot". he-man, anyone?

in other exciting news, i registered us for a bradley natural childbirth class. it's a 10 week course that starts on the 13th of this month, and meets weekly until apr 17th! i'm really excited about it!! i think it might help both D and i get better prepared for Baby T! for those of you interested in the bradley method, check out their website.

in not so exciting news, i just made an appt with a chiropractor for this afternoon. :( for the past couple of days my mid-back has been killing me. i was hoping to hold off until my massage appt next wed, but i don't think i'll make it that long. the pain really starts when i'm sitting, and guess what? i have a desk job! so i'm literally in pain all day. i've tried to put a cushion behind my back, and even brought in my heating pad today, but nothing is helping. why couldn't i have a job in which i lay in bed all day?

You Go Girl!!!

apparently supermodel gisele bundchen just gave birth to her son via water birth at her home! how awesome!! here is the article from People:

Gisele Bündchen is beautiful, successful and famous. Now, women everywhere have another reason to be jealous. She says giving birth to her newborn son Benjamin didn't hurt at all! It "wasn't painful, not even a little bit," the supermodel, 29, says in an interview with the Brazilian TV show Fantastico. "The whole time, my head was so focused – every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer. So, it wasn't like, 'Oh, what pain.' It was, 'With every contraction, he is getting closer to me.' " Bündchen – who had a water birth on Dec. 8 at the Boston condo she shares with her husband, quarterback Tom Brady, 32, – also didn't use serious pain medication. "I wanted to be conscious and present for what was happening," she says. "I didn't want to be anesthetized. I wanted to feel." Her recovery was also remarkably quick. "The second day, I was walking, I was washing dishes, I was making pancakes in the kitchen," she says with a laugh. The only thing that was difficult was choosing a name. She and Brady spent more than a week trying to pick something that would work well in English and Portuguese – the Brazilian-born Bündchen's native tongue.

"I adore David [pronounced Davi], but he didn't like David," Bündchen says. "I liked Joaquim, but he thought it wouldn't be good ... We called him Benjamin. For me, there is no name. He is my benzinho [translation: my beloved]." Asked if the boy will be raised to be bilingual, Bündchen was unequivocal. "Certainly he won't stop being Brazilian," she said. "He's also Bündchen, he's not just Brady."

Monday, February 1, 2010

24 wk status and belly bump pic

23 wk 3 da

How Big is Baby: still the size of a papaya.
Total Weight Gain: as of 1/30 i was up 18lbs, so it seems my weight gain is level out now
Maternity Clothes: check!
Stretch Marks: none yet
Sleep: still sleeping on my side, waking up to pee, having the weirdest dreams
Best Moment this Week: well thurs of last week we found out we were having a healthy boy!
Food Cravings: nothing really this week.
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button: it's still shrinking
What I miss: my back not hurting, and not having to lay on my back to put shoes on
What I'm looking forward to: my massage appt on the 10th, and our next dr appt on 2/25
Weekly Wisdom: every body is different, so i really need to stop worrying about what other people tell me and just experience my pregnancy my way.
Milestones: just found out we're having a boy! now the name hunt begins...