Saturday, July 31, 2010

PotD: Watching Daddy act silly behind Mami

Friday, July 30, 2010

1 and 2 mo pic comparison

i realized that i never posted J's 1 mo pic. here are both his 1 and 2 mo pic. he's definitely growing!! ;)

PotD: 2 months old!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

PotD: Death to Gerber Onesies

Ok, I'm not sure who the hell Gerber is making their onesies for, but they certainly aren't for average sized babes. It's ridiculous that J is wearing a 6-9 mo sized Gerber onesie already. I mean, yes, he's a little rounder than the average bear, but not by that much.

I was so shocked that he could barely fit into the 3-6 mo onesies that I decided to do some research and see if I was the only one that apparently had an overweight infant. It seems like it's a known fact that Gerber onesies run small. Wish I had known that last week when I bought a whole pack of 3-6s. That was a complete waste of $8! And it's no wonder that self-esteem issues affect so many people. Look at the message we're sending to our infants!!!

I'll get off my soapbox now, but I do feel much better now that I got that out! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why my child is ALREADY cooler than I am!!

well of course now that i am a mommy i had to invest in a video camera to capture all of the adorable moments J will have in the future. so after i charged my cam, i decided to take it out for a spin, and got this (DISCLAIMER: do not view if you get motion sick)...

so we've learned that 1) J is cooler than both D and i combined, 2) we are dorks, 3) D likes to talk like yoda (check it out at :55 secs in), 4) someone should confiscate this camera from me, and 5) J purposely likes to withhold smiles while in front of the camera to make D and i look like dorks.

i'm thinking my video capturing skills can only get better...

PotD: Me and my Jordans

what's under the scully, J?

o, just some terrible baby hat hair!! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monday, July 26, 2010

PotD: My 1st Half-day @ Ms. C's

This morning I'm dropping J off at C's house for the 1st time...wish me luck!

For all my Dolphin fans - check out his socks!

Funny story about the socks: when I was preggo, I started taking an aqua class on the days I wasn't teaching Zumba, and became friends with the instructor, a lovely (& hilarious) Chinese woman named Sun. Anyway, when she found out I was preggo, she started bringing J gifts. One day, she brought me a cute pair of shoes with these socks inside. And she had no clue that I am from Miami. Though I've never been a "Dol-fan". So I guess that this season J and I will be rooting for the Dolphins!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

PotD: Future Karate Kid??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PotD: Hey, Mami is #1 too!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The End is Near...

it's time for me to stop living in denial and face the facts that soon i will be going back to work full-time, and won't be able to be with J all-day, every-day...

i didn't really think i would have as hard a time processing this as i'm having. i mean, seriously, i thought if anyone would be having separation anxiety it would be him! but J has been a great baby, and i've really enjoyed watching him evolve daily into a little person with his own little personality. so it really makes me sad that my time with him is going to be drastically reduced. we're very fortunate that one of my good friends (C) will be watching him during the day for us. so i *know* he will be safe and in good hands, but it's still tough to think about.

so D suggested that i start taking him to C for a couple of hrs for the next couple of weeks to build up to leaving him when i go back to work full-time. when he 1st suggested it, i thought it was overkill, especially since we have been to her house a few times together the past few weeks for various reasons, and i will be working half-days for the first week or 2 before i start full-time. but after my mini anxiety attack yesterday, i think he's probably right. so C was kind enough to allow us to bring him by a couple of days next week, so that i can "practice" turning him over to someone else for a few hrs. i really thought i'd have no problem letting someone else "deal" with him....wrong! he's been my sidekick for almost 11 months, so i'm really going to miss him not being there! :(

any moms out there have any tips on how to soften the blow? or should i just carry a box of tissue with me that first week??

Pic of the Day

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture of the Day

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sort-of Wordless Wednesday: Pic of the day

i've decided to try and take a pic of J every day in this chair until at least his 1st birthday. in the last couple of months, i, unfortunately have become more aware of the fact that tomorrow is never promised to us. life can change so quickly and unexpectedly, and i want to make sure that i fully celebrate J in his baby state - especially since babies change so rapidly. so here is day 1...

i took this one this morning after i fed and bathed him. he is in one of the outfits i blogged about that my family sent for christmas. go canes! can't wait for football season!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

weeks 6 and 7

at almost 2 months old, here's what's been happening with us:

  • J is now weighing in at over 12 lbs - he was 12 lbs 2.5 oz when we weighed him few days ago
  • and because he's growing so rapidly, he is outgrowing some of his clothes. i had to get out the 3-6 mo clothes, and even put away some things that he can no longer fit into. i can't believe my little boy is growing up!
  • he now smiles on purpose and in response to us talking to him. it's the cutest thing ever, and warms my heart every time i see it.
  • we took him to his 1st movie in theaters (the last airbender), which he completely slept through.
  • we've been out of the house every day this past week, and never had a public meltdown.
  • he constantly gets mistaken for a girl! my theory is that it's because he has so much hair. i don't know what it is though.
  • he is becoming much more talkative. he has these moments when he just coos, babbles, and smiles at us like he's having a conversation with us.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 wk status and other happenings...

well my little guy is 5.5 wks old. i seriously can't believe that it's been that long - amazing! i was telling D the other day that now that we have J here, it feels like he's always been here. no awkward "wow, there is a baby in the house" feeling. he just fits!

we've been really busy lately entertaining guests. last week D's mom and sis came to visit J for a couple of days...

then my parents/sis came (and are currently still here) to visit their adorable grandson/nephew...

here are some cool things that have been happening with us:
  • J is now ~11 lbs 5 oz (with no clothes on) when i weighed him a couple of days ago, so he's still gaining weight pretty regularly
  • he is now sleeping a *little* longer through the nights. the last few nights he's had about 3.5-4 hr sleep cycles, which i greatly appreciate!
  • he does GREAT with "strangers". as long as he's fed, he does awesome being passed around from person to person. no meltdowns at all!
  • he likes to start his day off with a BIG bowel movement. i get woken up around 630-7 am to the sound of grunting, and eventually he does his business. but he seems to be making a habit out of starting his day out with an empty intestine!
  • he can now follow things with his eyes/head. and it seems like he can pick out my voice and tell who i am (or at least that i'm the one with the food)!
  • i'm back to teaching my zumba classes after 4 wks off! it's good to be back teaching especially since i really enjoy the people and the class! and i've been feeling great!
  • i can finally wear my pre-pregnancy clothes! after ~7 months with a limited wardrobe i now feel as though my wardrobe has more than doubled. it feels great to have options again!
  • breastfeeding is going MUCH better!
  • J has much longer awake cycles. but again, as long as he's fed, he does fine just sitting and checking things out for a while until he wants to be held.
  • he LOVES the new mei tai carrier we got from heavenly hold! he is out like a light once he's in it. and its allowed us to get out more since i'm not worried about him being fussy. we also just got a mesh ring sling with the hopes that this will make bath/shower time easier/shorter for both of us.
and finally, i tried to get a pic comparison of J then and now. here he is at 1 wk old...

compared to him at 5.5 wks old...

he's filled out a bit, eh? :)