Tuesday, March 23, 2010

more nesting... sort of

a few months ago we had a company come out and add an organization system to our master closet, which we had on our 'to-do list' since moving into our house in 2008. when the builders built the house, they just put in 1 row of shelving throughout the closet like this (please disregard the mess - that's D's side):

it didn't really leave us much storage space. and the shelves had that little bar separation throughout so that the hangers couldn't be free-sliding. i hated it!

here's how the closet is set up now after the system was installed - with double rows, and free-sliding shelving:

and some shelves for shoes or other misc items:

obviously we have since put our clothes back in the closet, so i'll have to post a pic of what the closet currently looks like soon. but that will be after we finish our next nesting project - cleaning out/organizing the closet. what does that have to do with nesting? well, with babies come extra stuff, so i want to make sure our extra stuff is at a minimum before adding to that. and we also plan to use some of our closet space to house Baby T's stuff, so i want to get that organized too. pics soon to follow...


paula0277 said...

wow, I'm just now seeing this. Where have I been. Looks great.

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