Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Update

and we're back! we finally got power restored earlier this week at our house. and we are slowly getting back to our routine. i've been a bit overwhelmed at work trying to catch up from everything that i missed being out part of last week due to the storms, but i think i'm almost caught up {i actually appreciate the distraction that work provides these days}.

since i had limited access to the internet, i haven't been able to promote this month's giveaway like i have wanted to. so, i will do that now. if you haven't gotten a chance to check out my last post, please do. this month's giveaway is for a $25 gift certificate to Uppercase Living. check out the post for details on how to enter. in addition to the giveaway, we are running an Uppercase Living fundraiser. 15% of the total sales will be sent to Juju's memorial fund at CJ Foundation. and that's not all, shipping is free on all orders! eek, i can't wait to order my custom expression {i will be getting my fav quote "i carry your heart in my heart" to display in my dining area}. thank you Kylee and Uppercase Living for doing this!

since we had no power, i spent a lot of time reading my new book, Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards. i'm not done yet, and i'm trying hard to finish it so that i can start my book for the FOLFOH may book club. i already thought EE was so eloquent, but this book is so powerful, especially when she begins talking about the affect the loss of her son had on her life. i found myself sobbing while reading it because it hit home so much. also i learned that though her son went by Wade, that was actually his middle name. His first name....Lucius. i got chills when i read that. that was actually the name i started off with for his middle name {after a character in the movie The Gladiator}, and somehow worked my way around to Luciano. and Lucius actually seems like a perfect combination of Julius and Luciano, doesn't it? i know sometimes i read a little too much into something, but it's little things like this that bring me comfort these days.

and i've been working on a couple more projects that i will keep under my hat for now. but i'll definitely reveal them when the time is right. :)


Robbie said...

Today I was holding my son in his room on the cardiac floor of TCH when a volunteer and 3 women walked in to see if I wanted a journal. I picked a beautiful one as Linus flirted with them all. It wasn't until later when he was down for his nap that I picked it up to leaf through it. That's when I noticed the "Jenna's Journals" sticker and the "In memory of..." label. My throat closed up and the tears came. I had to know more so I Googled both names and read the stories through blurry eyes. Absolutely heartbreaking.

We've had a long hard journey with my son. He's been at the hospital more than home and has had 4 heart catheters and 2 open heart surgeries in his short life. He still has several surgeries in his future. Risky ones, scary ones, painful ones. When I start letting it all get to me, I try to remember families like yours. At least we have the chance to fight, so that's what we do, tooth and nail. I'm so sorry you never had that option.

Thank you for the journal and the reminder to be grateful for all we have.

Missy said...

Glad to hear that things are back up and running for you. I see all the flood and storm devastation on tv and I worry for all the mamas down in that neck of the woods. Love and peace to you~

Stephanie said...

I am so out of the loop ~ and so sorry that you were hit and effected by the storms! Glad things are getting back to normal, somehow.

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