Monday, June 21, 2010

3 weeks old

yesterday was J's 3 week birthday! i can't believe it's already been that long. and even more shocking - we all got to this point unscathed. taking care of J is getting easier as each day passes. and i feel like little by little i'm returning to my normal (or at least my new normal). this weekend i even faced my fear of taking him out by myself. grant it, we went to a breastfeeding moms meeting at a local maternity/nursing store (so it was sort of like a "safe" outing because i knew i wouldn't be embarrassed to feed/change him if he got grumpy). but that still counts! the only trouble i had was juggling him and the diaper bag. but i'm sure with time i'll be a pro at that.

i tried to get a pic of him last night on his actual 3 wk birthday, but i apparently missed my window of opportunity because i only got shots like this...

he was hungry, and wasn't having it!

but today he was much more cooperative...

so as of this morning, here are J's stats:

weight: 10 lbs (of course he did have his cloth diaper and his onesie on, so skim a little off of that)

  • he loves to stare at ceiling fans/lights
  • he is starting to push off on people (with his feet) if you stand him up on your lap
  • he is starting to smile at times other than when he's sleeping or passing gas
  • he's having more awake time (which is really interfering with my alone/productive time)
  • he has more control of his hands/fingers, and is starting to grip onto things


paula0277 said...

Keep the stories coming of Julius's progress. He's doing well.

rebecca said...

Loved the update!!! He is so adorable & sounds like he's doing awesome! I can't believe it's already been time is flying!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing Tiffany. I love hearing about the adventure's of baby J.

Pam said...

Tiff you are not due for productive alone time for a while. LOL! Keep the updates coming. I love them! You keep me entertained and he is growing and looking more handsome everyday!

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