Monday, June 14, 2010

The babymoon is over!

well, the babymoon is over, unfortunately! D went back to work this morning, and that means back to reality. i've really enjoyed having D around and tackling this whole parenting thing together. i call D "the baby whisperer" because he is already so good with J, and has a way of calming him down when i just need a moment. it's been quite a transition, but it's been a lot of fun too! our little J is 15 days old, and he's grown so much. he was 7lbs 2oz when he was born. 7lbs exactly on 6/1 (2 days after he was born), and then 9lbs last monday (6/7). we've been exclusively breastfeeding, so i'm glad that he is gaining weight so steadily.

so far J seems like he has D's personality. he's pretty laid back, and a bit serious - like a little old man. he doesn't really cry - unless he is hungry and i don't feed him quickly enough (but calms down once he starts eating), or is being changed (but calms down as soon as you pick him up - and then feed him). he sleeps *alot*, but we've noticed that he is having more awake time. really the only thing he really cares about is being fed. it doesn't even bother him to have a dirty diaper. which is probably the reason that he's put on so much weight! :) he also has much better head/neck control. and when put down, he loves to jerk his arms/legs around. it's so funny!!

it's also so cool to look over pics we've taken of him, and see how much he's changed already. here he is at his newborn photo shoot on his 1 wk birthday...

and then a day before his 2 wk birthday...

he is really filling out!!

a couple of days ago, he had his first visitor since he was born - my sis. he was so cooperative (after he was fed), and just sat with her and her boyfriend while they got all up in his face. i tell you, nothing phases this child.

of course it hasn't been all been gumdrops and lollipops. we've had some challenges along the way...
  • breastfeeding is NOT easy. great oden's raven, i can't believe how much work and dedication it takes to feed a child through this natural/biological process. it's just wrong what the female body has to endure just to birth and then feed a baby. i'll spare everyone the gory details!! but luckily, it's getting a little easier.
  • J definitely has an internal timer that goes off every 2 hrs, which makes sleeping very difficult.....for me! D has pulled some night time daddy duty, but i deal with the vast majority of it because, well, i'm the primary food source.
  • leaving the house is a nightmare. D and i have taken J out a couple of times, but each time it's been a major production. there is just so much thought that goes into leaving the house that it's sometimes not even worth it. 2 out of the 3 times he had a minor meltdown (which ended after he was fed), but that led to me having a major meltdown. i still have not left the house with him alone. and quite frankly, the thought freaks me out. hopefully, i will face that fear soon enough.
  • J constantly wants to be held. which i love, but sometimes i need to put him down. luckily i have a couple of carriers to hold him in. but i'm considering getting another one (mei tai) that is easier to get on and off.
but even with all of these challenges, i can't help but constantly stare at his precious little face in amazement. i seriously can't believe that i grew this little jelly bean!!


pleasantlyfurious said...

He's gorgeous! When jb went back to work it was really hard on us - and it was only part time! I didn't believe people when they said it would get easier, but even just two weeks ahead of where you are it's already getting easier. Hang in there!

Mackey said...

You are doing an AWESOME job Tiffany with baby J. And you are giving him the BEST start in life by being committed to nursing him. I'm VERY proud of you! Getting out without a meltdown( from him or you)will happen in time. don't force yourself, take things slow. ;0)

Rachel said...

He is sooooo pretty! And I love those little cheeks. :o)

Thinking-Mom said...

Sounds like you are getting the hang of it girl! As a word of encouragement, both the breastfeeding and the trips out will get easier and easier!! It is a huge transition you are going through. I remember feeling the same things - like both breastfeeding and trips were a major production of highly orchestrated activities.

Trust me when I say in a few more weeks, both will be second nature. Hang in there. You're amazing.

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