Sunday, September 5, 2010

stupid camera phone, and P(s)otD

well, thurs the camera on my phone went dead. as in, green screen, and pics of said green screen dead. so since i couldn't take pics with my camera phone as i had been doing, i had to take pics with my fancy cam, but that means a wait time between taking them and uploading them to my computer/blog since i don't get on my laptop daily. so here are the pics from the last couple of days...

thurs (09.02) - i forgot the chair pic, but who can resist a pic of a sleeping baby?!

fri (09.03)

sat (09.04)

sun (09.05)

now the funny thing is that yesterday when i went to check the camera on my phone to make sure it was dead, it was working again as if nothing had ever happened. so i guess i can get back to taking pics with my phone.


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