Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doing Good In Juju's Name Giveaway #6

i almost completely forgot to post this. not because i forgot about our monthly giveaways, but because i've been so focused on getting through May (the month of Julius' birth) in one piece that i forgot about the month after. i can't believe it's over. in all honesty, it feels like it should be august right now. i feel like i've lived several months in that one. so many milestone days, so many emotions. it was so tough, but i'm still here.

and since i'm emotionally drained, this giveaway is just the thing i need. i really do need something to bring me a bit of joy and happiness. and i hope that these giveaways do the same for someone else. this month i'm going to give away 2 things - doubling the happiness, i guess. so here they are:

the giveaways:

this month's giveaways {for BLMs only} are for this adorable butterfly necklace, and for the book "i will carry you" by angie smith. we read the book for the FoLFoH May Book Club. it is an absolutely inspiring book, and so relevant to the lives of us BLMs. usually after i finish with a book, i put it in PBS and just swap it for credit to use toward another book. but i decided that i would pass this book along to a BLM who had never read it, and who might get some comfort from it.


how to enter:

entering is simple. just leave a comment for each item that you would like. i'll leave the giveaway open until the 11th, and then select the winners on the 12th {Juju's 8 month angelversary}. good luck!


Deanna said...

thank you Tiffany, for this. for making me smile. I agree that May is one of the longest months ever. It seems like forever since River's Angelversary & the Rally. I would love either of these items. I had requested the book at our library, but it seems so many others have too that it hasn't come yet. The necklace is just beautiful as well! Thank you, and big big HUGS to you sweet friend.

butterflymom said...

What a wonderful giveaway....and thank you so much for holding it still. I can imagine how tough everything has been lately. You are one amazing momma. Sending big hugs your way. I would be interested in the the necklace, since I already have a copy of that book. Thank you again! ((hugs))

Angie said...

I'm so proud of you for making it to June!! I knew you could do it Tiff. You're such a beautiful mother to that sweet baby boy of yours. xo

SHANA said...

I don't normally enter for your giveaways. I always feel like there is someone who is "just beginning" their grief journey and could benefit from the giveaways more than myself. But the day after Mother's Day a friend of mine experienced her 2nd neonatal loss. Her first daughter was born at 26 weeks (a month bofore I lost my daughter in 2009) and lived for 4 hours. Her second daughter was born at 24.3 weeks and lived for 7 hours. I am going to fly to California today to actually meet her in person for the first time. I have a few little items I've collected for her but this book looks like something she could benefit from. So I'll enter for the book with hopes of passing it to my friend (after looking through it myself). I'm just devastated for her and am looking for any way I can to comfort her. Thanks for the giveaway and for providing some support for other BLMs! Hugs!

LauraJane said...

I don't want to win the prize since I live in Canada and it's too $ to ship, but just wanted to say you're awesome for doing this. :)

octavia said...

The pictures from your son's birthday look very nice and they got me thinking about what I should do for my baby's birthday.
I'd like to enter for the book, because reading seems to help the heart heal.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I would love to win either of these items for my sister. We are both blm's. I lost twins in September, and she lost my beautiful 5 month old niece on May 22nd. Our loss is still so new, and her heart is broken. Butterflies symbolize Taylin McKenna, as we released balloons at her funeral and were immediately met with a yellow winged butterfly. We now see them all the time!
Also, when I lost our twins, we played "I Will Carry You" and my sister carried that tradition at Taylin's funeral. I am just trying to find a way to help my sister heal. Thank you for continuing to post! You've helped me heal, and now my sister is reading to heal. You are a life saver.

Kailly Parzybok

Nikki said...

I lost my son, Aiden, on 4/10/11. I would love either of these items, though especially the book, it sounds really great.

Monica said...

I would love the book! I love Angie Smith and followed her a few months prior to losing our daughter. I believe it was God preparing me. She has a special place in my heart. These are amazing giveaways!

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