Monday, April 5, 2010

33 week status and pic

32 wk 3 da

How Big is Baby: he has graduated to the size of a honeydew. i can vouch for that!
Total Weight Gain: as of 4/3 i was still up 30lbs.
Maternity Clothes: yep
Stretch Marks: still no sign of them
Sleep: i've been sleeping a bit better on the whole, but i do have those nights when i'll wake up either b/c of bad dreams or to use the bathroom
Best Moment this Week: D read my tummy a book! :) o, and i received a few goodies (a couple of gifts from friends, my outfit for my baby shower that a dear friend was kind enough to host for me, and a brand new camera!!)
Food Cravings: i was craving some bbq so D and i grilled, what i dubbed as "ultrafeast" (the office, anyone?), yesterday. however, while eating dinner last night, i promptly threw it all up. :(
Gender: still a boy! (as far as we know)
Labor Signs: none this week
Belly Button: barely there.
What I miss: my body!
What I'm looking forward to: so much going on this week! D and i are going to a BF-ing class on thurs, i'm getting some pics taken on fri, and then on Sun my friend is hosting a baby shower for us (so i'll get to see my sis and harrass (er, i mean meet) her new bf)!
Weekly Wisdom: i have no control over what's about to happen (or when), so i need to just relax and take it day by day!
Milestones: we're under the 60 day mark to meet our little Baby T (and still no name, but that's a whole separate issue)!


paula0277 said...

No baby name??? :)

rebecca said...

So freaking exciting!!! You still look fantastic BTW! Hope the BF class goes well (I was just looking into those at our hospital today), are you taking them at a hospital or with someone locally? I bet you're so excited for the baby shower...that will be so much fun!!! Can't wait to see pictures, I expect some pictures (hint, hint) :)

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