Monday, April 26, 2010

36 week status and belly bump pic

35 wks 3 da

How Big is Baby: still the size of a honeydew.
Total Weight Gain: still up 33 lbs
Maternity Clothes: yep
Stretch Marks: still no sign of them...
Sleep: i have good nights and bad (really bad) nights. i wake up now about every 2-2.5 hrs to use the bathroom. i've been having really bad heartburn episodes, but the last couple of nights i think i've been able to avoid the heartburn by eating less (and less of the trigger foods), and eating earlier.
Best Moment this Week: my very sweet friends ended up throwing me a surprise shower over dinner last fri.
Food Cravings: nothing really
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: yesterday i think i had some slight contrax. i had to sit down for a couple of mins and wait until they subsided.
Belly Button: barely there.
What I miss: not having heartburn!!! heartburn is from the devil!
What I'm looking forward to: my next massage appt on the 12th.
Weekly Wisdom: i have no control over what's about to happen (or when), so i need to just relax and take it day by day!
Milestones: i now have weekly appointments until Baby T makes his arrival!


Pam said...

Baby T will have a head full of hair. I suffered with heartburn with Chante. Tomatoes and garlic would wear me out. Which bedding set would you prefer? We want to send you something you need/want. Is Baby T's name a secret?

Tiffany said...

if we had a name for him, yes, it would be a secret - lol. we seriously don't have one picked out though. and i'm stressing about it even though it's completely my fault. i keep putting it off.

aww, thx! honestly which ever set you would be kind enough to send would be wonderful! no preferences!

i've had to stay far away from tomatoes. they will kick my booty from the inside out. :(

rebecca said...

You are so freaking cute! Sorry to hear you're not sleeping well...I hear you on the getting up to use the bathroom every couple hours, if I'm already getting up 3-4x's a night now I'm really going to be a mess by the time I get to where you are!

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