Monday, April 26, 2010

Where are my manners?? re: baby shower #2

sometimes i can be a real douche! yes, i admit, as perfect as i think i am, i occasionally drop the ball. and that's just what i did....

i mentioned in my last post that D's coworkers took D and I to lunch and threw us a shower. but i only briefly mentioned it, which may have given *some* people the impression that i didn't care ;). so i'm going to dedicate an entire post to it, which i should have done in the 1st place.

it was a wonderful lunch - at one of my fav Asian restaurants (they let me pick), and the conversation was wonderful (it usually revolves around poking fun of D - one of my fav past times). and talk about generous people!! we left with a trunk full of goodies for Baby T. i was really hoping that someone would get us a monitor and the co-sleeper that was on my registry. and they did!

i wish i had pictures from the actual lunch! i made D sit in the chair and open presents while *i* passed them to him. i thought it was only fair since i was the one opening presents at our other shower. i was able to take a pic of most of what we got when we got back home...

so to all of D's coworkers that are reading (*cough* Joel, Lindy *cough*), thank you SO SO much for the shower and for the wonderful gifts, and i'm sorry i didn't post earlier. pls forgive this preggo chick! :) O, and Lindy, if you have any pics of the shower, pls send them my way!


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