Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome week last week!

*sigh* i hate that i've been neglecting my blog recently, but last week i ran into a little obstacle otherwise known as a sinus infection! it was absolutely terrible and almost ruined my entire week. luckily with the help of my awesome m/w i was able to get it under control, and now feel much better. surprisingly i had not been sick all pregnancy up until that point. so i guess my time was up.

even though i had that minor setback, i was able to finish out the week with a bang!

on fri i had a photo session with a local photographer turned friend (i've had her take pics of several life events of mine already). here's one of the awesome pics from the session, but she has several more on her blog

and on sunday a close friend of mine hosted a baby shower for us. now, truth be told, i was not on board with having a baby shower from the beginning. i'm not good with being the center of attention (though if you got to know me you would probably think the opposite), and i hate when people have to go out of their way for me. but the shower was awesome! D and i had so much fun. my friend had several games for everyone there to play, which appealed to my *very* competitive side. and i think everyone had a good time. so i'm really glad i was talked into it. here's D and i at the shower.


LJ2Blessed said...

I gotta meet you! Glad you enjoyed your shower, that was the same EXACT reason I didn't want one! I knew I'd totally crush (offend) my mom if I tried to wiggle out of it though, so I showed up and allowed people to "shower" me and the babe! Not too much longer for you...

Tiffany said...

definitely!! :) i know, i can't believe soon i'll be holding *my* baby! scary!

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