Monday, May 10, 2010

38 wk status and belly pic

37 wks 3 da

How Big is Baby: the size of a watermelon
Total Weight Gain: as of 5/8 i was up 34 lbs
Maternity Clothes: yep
Stretch Marks: nope. could it be? have i escaped them? i hope i don't jinx myself.
Sleep: i've made peace with the fact that i will not have another full night of sleep again for a LONG while.
Best Moment this Week: i got to celebrate my 1st mother's day. we really didn't do anything special, but D was sweet enough to give me a card in which he wrote an even sweeter message. i also had a good appt with my m/w, and had a very productive weekend (the car seat is officially in, and my little boy will have a ride home - lol).
Food Cravings: i was seriously craving strawberry shortcakes yesterday, and even made my own whipped cream! :)
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: i think i've been experiencing some contrax on and off, but nothing on a regular basis
Belly Button: what belly button? i haven't had one of those in a while.
What I miss: i miss not needing a team of people to hoist me off the couch/bed when i want to get up.
What I'm looking forward to: i've got a massage scheduled for wed, and wed can NOT come fast enough. my body is aching.
Weekly Wisdom: everyone's birthing experience is different. i can/will have the calming birth that i want!! :)
Milestones: baby T is full term!!!!!! and we are much closer to picking out a name.


Mike said...


Darcel said...

You have a beautiful belly! Are you going to do a belly cast?

Tiffany said...

darcel, thx so much for the compliments! i thought about doing one, but then i thought that i would have no place to put it (we have a pretty small house), so i decided to just go with maternity pics. have you done one?

Misty said...

Tiffany you look great, I'm so excited for you!

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