Monday, May 3, 2010

37 wk status and belly bump pic

36 wks 3 da
How Big is Baby: wow, Baby T has officially graduated to the size of a watermelon, and that's the size he will remain until birth *gulp*
Total Weight Gain: still up 33 lbs (though i feel much larger than that)
Maternity Clothes: yep
Stretch Marks: still no sign of them...
Sleep: still waking every 2 hrs to pee. guess i'm being trained by my body.
Best Moment this Week: my very very good friend (who is also preggo) was in town visiting for the weekend, and we got a chance to hang out and talk all about the "joys" of pregnancy.
Food Cravings: holy cow, i can't get enough apple juice these days. it's ssssssoooooooo good!
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: i think i've been experiencing some contrax on and off, but nothing on a regular basis
Belly Button: barely there.
What I miss: sleep and not having heartburn.
What I'm looking forward to: my next massage appt on the 12th.
Weekly Wisdom: i have no control over what's about to happen (or when), so i need to just relax and take it day by day!
Milestones: i made it to Baby T's estimated birth month and taught 3 Zumba classes/week the whole time!!!! i'm pretty proud of myself :) we are under the 30 day mark to his edd, and i can't wait to meet my "materpiece".


rebecca said...

Awe, thanks...I had so much fun hanging out with you too! Thank you SO much for the book too, I started it this afternoon & already LOVE it...I feel like I'm learning SO much!!!

Holly said...

Congrats! I am right there with you sister, but I wasn't teaching zumba... I walk my dogs, is that good??

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