Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letter to Baby T

well, with this pregnancy drawing to a close, i thought i would take some time to reflect and write a letter to little Baby T before i meet him, and have the chance to change my mind (j/k)...


My dearest Baby T:

Words can not really express how excited your dad and I are to meet you! You have been my exclusive "side-kick" for almost 10 months now, and we're just ready to have you in our arms. Though it's been nice to have you go to Zumba with me, and experience your kicks/punches to my internal organs, o and squash my bladder; we really can't wait to watch you grow into the amazing person we know you will become (being amazing is in your genes)! You have a whole bunch of loving people just waiting to meet and spoil you rotten (against my wishes). And I can't wait to introduce you to the one we call Abuela Yaya - she's a *real* treat! ;) Please know that your dad and I will always be your biggest fans. We will always be there for you, and we will love you unconditionally...we "pinkie" promise!

Love always and forever,
Mami and Papi :)


Rachel said...

Love the letter...so sweet!

Can't wait to see your little one. Best of luck through L&D!

rebecca said...

Awe, way to make the pregnant lady emotional:) Beautiful letter...can't wait for him to make his entrance into this amazing world:)

paula0277 said...

Wow, baby T, YaYa is one cool grandmother. Just you wait and see !

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