Friday, August 27, 2010

The Hunger Strike of 2010

i posted a couple of times about the fact that J will not take a bottle (here is the latest of such posts). well, i just wanted to give an update on that. and here's the update: he's STILL not taking a bottle - lol!

i've bought every kind of bottle/nipple/sippy cup on the market; in addition to this lovely/expensive bottle, which i have dubbed "the boobie bottle;" just to get this boy to eat something during the day.

i even picked up some feeding syringes from the pharmacy as an alternate method of feeding, and nothing. my baby wants NOTHING to do with any of those things. he just wants to wait for his momma! not that i blame him - i am pretty cool!! ;)

i was really stressed out about this last week. but i've just decided to surrender myself to my baby's needs (that is after all what parenting is all about at times, right?). i've been going to him during lunch time to feed him, and i think right now, that's the best plan that we've got. it seems like that is becoming his new norm, and it's almost like he is expecting me around 1200 (when he starts to get REALLY fussy/hungry). once i feed him, he returns to his happy-go-lucky self. and as inconvenient as it is for me, i really don't mind. i'm lucky to have a job that allows me to take a little bit longer of a lunch (provided that i make up the time, of course), and it gives me a chance to see and play with my baby for a bit. so i also get a bit of a pick-me-up. C continues to try and feed him via bottle/sippy cup hoping that one day he'll just take it. but for now, this is what we're doing. i know that this phase of him needing me won't last forever, so i'm cherishing it. :)


BrownieGirl said...

You've got it right, mama! It could have as easily gone the other way, to him preferring a bottle and refusing you, and as much as that would have made some things easier (sorry, C, wherever you are!) it would have also made you really unhappy. So good for you being the grown-up and finding a way that you can work around his needs to help you both feel satisfied. THAT is what being a mama is all about. :-)

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