Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday's PotD & Bonus pic

yesterday Ms. C took her little one and J out for a playdate with a few other moms and their little ones. one of the moms was kind enough to send me this pic she took of J sleeping. it's so nice to have momma friends that will keep me in the loop with what J is doing during the day. it makes me feel like i'm with him.

btw, yesterday was the 1st day that i didn't go to C's house (or she didn't bring him to my job) to feed him. she was able to get him to take a bit over 2oz by bottle. he had a bit of a rough patch around the time that i would usually go to her house, but we all made it through. hopefully he continues taking a little bit out of the bottle, and gets used to me not being there...we'll see!

we also made a stop yesterday at a local maternity store on the way home to weigh J. i had been worried this whole time that he was losing weight and withering away (yes, i'm a neurotic worrier), but he weighed in at 16lbs 11oz!!!!!!!! yes, he did have his diaper on, but i was pleased to see that he was up about 2lbs since he was weighed earlier this month at the doc's office. so that really helped to calm my fears about him not eating much during the day. and it also made me realize that soon i need to start looking into getting him a new carseat, since he is quickly reaching the weight limit on his infant carseat - yikes!


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