Monday, August 16, 2010

PotD and 11 wk status

well it's getting harder and harder to keep J still long enough to take a pic these days. he just keeps moving and squirming all over the place. it's hilarious, but i wish he would stay still long enough for me to get a really cute pic of him. and since we've been waking up at the crack of dawn these days, there's not much light in the room or outside and the pics look really dark (which also detract from his cuteness levels).

so what can J do now??

  • he reaches out for things. for example, we have a little toy frog that dangles down on the handle of his car seat so that he can look up at it when he's in it. and he's started reaching out to touch it.
  • he now makes a little sucking/clicking noise with his tongue/mouth to signal that he's hungry. it's so cute, that i usually just watch him do it, so eventually he does start crying because i'm not feeding him fast enough.
  • he tries to eat his hands/suck his thumb to soothe himself when he is hungry/tired.
  • it seems like he is trying really hard to roll over. if laid on his back he will turn the top of his body to the side and wiggle himself to try and get his body over.
  • he still will not take a bottle. last week was his 1st week of daycare at my friend C's house, and the transition didn't go as smoothly as i hoped. he is not interested in a bottle at all. we've tried so many different bottles/nipples, sippy cups (thx for the suggestion, mackey!) and nothing. thurs he finally drank the contents of 1 whole bottle, but did not want to repeat the performance. C has had to syringe feed him, and even bring him by my job so that i could feed him. i'm not sure how we can get him to eat consistently throughout the day from the same source. :(
  • he does amazingly well at social events. we had 2 weddings to go to within 2 weeks, and a birthday party. and at each event he behaved so well. he slept most of the time, but the time that he was up, he just looked around and observed things. and he loves to be held - no matter who it is (he especially loves when beautiful ladies hold him!).


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