Monday, August 9, 2010

PotD: Back on the Grind!

well today is my 1st full week back at work, and J's 1st full week of daycare. it's so sad that i won't be there for all of his baby moments. but i know that will make the time we do spend together much more special. and i know that he is safe and in good hands, so that gives me some comfort.

so at 10 wks (and a day), here are some of the things that J can do:

  • as of 8/3 he was 14lbs 12oz (with a diaper on, so skim a little off of that).
  • he has become *very* talkative, and will just coo and blabber away like he's having a conversation with you.
  • he LOVES to smile (except when you put a camera in his face of course), and he will now smile at you in response to you talking to him.
  • i know he is *trying* to laugh. he opens his mouth really wide and sometimes makes a little noise, but nothing really comes out.
  • he does very well at social functions and outtings. he's been to his baptism, several lunches, and a wedding, and has not had 1 meltdown.
  • he can follow people things really well with his eyes.
  • i think he recognizes D and i.
  • he does really well when being held by people that he doesn't know
  • he loves to look around and stare at things. it's like he's soaking everything in - he's so observant.
  • and...he will NOT take a bottle! ;) yea all that work that i did to make sure that we well established BF-ing worked a little too well. so now we're trying to work on getting him to take a bottle (and i've bought almost every possible bottle/nipple i could) so that he will eat during the day when i'm away from him and he's at daycare.


BrownieGirl said...

Aw, Tiff, I just want to meet him and snurfle those fat, adorable cheeks of his!! And don't worry, he will take a bottle when he gets hungry enough. I know that sounds kind of harsh, and it was *wonderful* work you did getting a good breastfeeding relationship going, but he is a smart baby and he will figure out that Mom's Milk To Go is almost as good as the real thing. ;-)

Mackey said...

I work from home as a Lactation counselor, and I see /hear of this ALL the time. It is not uncommon for some babies to not take a bottle after a job well done by Mom to establish breastfeeding !!!! I'm so VERY proud ;0). Don't fret, purchase a soft spout sippy and let him take his milk from a cup while you are away. I did this with 3 of my seven and it worked well. Plus, there was never a bottle to wean them from :0) The brand of sippy that worked best for me was the Avent sippy. Hope this helps and good luck to you and your little guy.

Rachel said...

Hope your transition has been smooth. Love this picture of you two!

Tiffany said...

thx ladies! i'm glad that we did such a great job est BFing, but now i feel like i did him a bit of a disservice not "forcing" the bottle on him on a reg basis. :(

@mackey, thx for the suggestions. we bought several sippy cups, but he doesn't seem to want those either - lol. go fig! well we're going to keep working with him, and hopefully he'll jump on board!

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