Tuesday, January 19, 2010

22 wk status and belly bump

How Big is Baby: the size of a papaya.
Total Weight Gain: as of 1/16 i was up 17lbs
Maternity Clothes: check!
Stretch Marks: well they haven't really made an appearance yet. i thought i faintly saw some last week, but i guess that was a false alarm
Sleep: still sleeping on my side, and i have been having the weirdest dreams every night for about 2 wks now. it's crazy, especially since i wasn't really a dreamer before
Best Moment this Week: baby kicks to my bladder are always a ton of fun!
Food Cravings: i have been craving tomato and cucumber salad. so tasty!
Gender: i took an intelligender test this morning and it predicted girl. we have our u/s scheduled for the 28th
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly Button: it's still shrinking
What I miss: not waking up in pain in the middle of the night because i turned in my sleep and the "round ligament pain" kicked in
What I'm looking forward to: our u/s appt on the 28th
Weekly Wisdom: every body is different, so i really need to stop worrying about what other people tell me and just experience my pregnancy my way.
Milestones: working on 6 mo of being preggo!

here i am at 21 wks 3 da


www.kevinandamanda.com said...

Awww!! Tiffany!! You are so cute! :)

P.S. I love how you did the fonts!! :D

Tiffany said...

awww, thx amanda!! and THANK YOU for the tutorial!!! i definitely could not have done it without your website of awesomeness!!!! :) i even gave your site a shout-out in one of my posts. :)

rebecca said...

You are so freakin' cute!!! I swear you have the cutest baby bump:)

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