Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ack...why do you keep kicking me in the bladder??!!

well first let me start off by pointing out the obvious - my blog background has changed! :) i decided it was time for some upgrading. i got this awesome background from hot bliggity blog. i also changed some of my blog fonts. i'm lucky enough to have a good friend that has an amazing blog with all sorts of neat *free* fonts. and voila! my fab upgraded baby blog!

i've been feeling Baby T kick a lot lately. Today he/she really enjoys kicking me square in the bladder. it's quite uncomfortable! d has still not been able to feel any movement from the outside, and i think that's making him sad. so i'm hoping that soon he will get a chance. on top of that a few days ago i *think* i felt baby hiccups for the 1st time. totally weird feeling! i thought they were kicks at first, but then i realized that there was a pattern to the "kicks".

this past week i worked out every day (except for wed and fri). in addition to my zumba class that i teach on tues, thurs, and sat; i've been taking aqua aerobics class (or swimming) on my off days. i think getting in the water has really helped me. i'm not sure if i've mentioned it before, but i broke my ankle in apr '09 and had to have surgery on it. so i'm still recovering from that. and i think being in the water has really helped my ankle. when i went for my massage on wed, my masseuse mentioned that she noticed my leg/ankle felt looser. and i've noticed that my range of motion is increasing a little. so i'm really excited about that. and it just feels good to be in the water working out even though it doesn't feel like i'm working out.


Thinking-Mom said...

I think it was right around 21 weeks that my girl starting using my bladder as a trampoline. And she always waited until my bladder was about to explode to do it!!

I was so glad when she turned head down and transferred the kicking to the rib cage!

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