Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby T has a wee-wee

well Baby T is a he! i guess my dreams and the Intelligender test lied to me - lol. doc said there everything looked great, and he got some really good 2D/3D pics. so once we scan those in i will upload them. a couple of the pics didn't do Baby T justice, so those won't get uploaded. i took a crappy pic of 1 of them with my camera phone. but you can kind of make out the side of his face and his hands. man, i'm going to be out numbered in my house. but at least i won't have to deal with doing someone's hair and hannah montana!! :)


rebecca said...

That picture is amazing...he looks so cute!!! So excited for you guys! Dennis must be thrilled?

Pam said...

That picture is pretty good. Technology has come a long way since we had our babies and that doesn't seem that long ago. We are so excited for you and Dennis!

liz4181 said...

How exciting! Little boys are so much fun!

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