Friday, January 29, 2010

Name Stress and Introducing......"Lady Yaya"

ever since finding out that Baby T is a he, i've been stressin'. i had a name all picked out for him when i thought he was a girl. but since i was relying on the stupid Intelligender test and my dreams being accurate (guess I won't really be having dinner with Pres Obama anytime soon), i didn't really bother too much with trying to figure out a boy's name. and of course, now i have to. why is a cute boy's name (that suits my taste) SO hard to find?? i've been obsessing over his name since finding out, and it's really becoming an issue. and what's so funny is that D who only a week ago was telling me that we weren't prepared because we weren't going to go to our appt with names picked for a boy and girl has now apparently flipped a switch and is not worried at all about our lack of a name. i'm thinking a trip to B&N is in order - grab a baby name book (or 2 or 3) and go to town!

unfortunately for everyone though, even when (or should i say "if") we pick out a name for Baby T, we won't be revealing it to anyone until he is born. why? simple. we like to be a tad mysterious! ;) well that and everyone has different tastes, so we really don't anyone trying to change our minds about a name we've settled on, or making fun of the name we've picked (not that i'm saying anyone would do that, but you can never be sure). this is something we want to do completely by ourselves as our 1st parental decision - lol.

and now on to some happier news...there is someone who HAS picked out a mom! (insert eye roll here) my mom has already taken her role of grandmother very seriously (way to seriously if you ask me). for those of you that have met my mother, this will not come as a shock to you. my mom is a bit of a "character" to put it mildly (hey, she *does* read my blog, and i'm a little scared of her ;) ). anyway, since she found out that she was going to be a grandmother, she's been thinking of what HER name is going to be once Baby T gets here - because the typical names for grandmother (in spanish or english) are not to her liking/standards. you'd think that her name was going to permanently change! well a couple of weeks ago she emailed me a list of names that she wanted to be called (apparently she googled the word "grandmother"). among that list was "lola" (grandmother in filipino), "gigi", "mia", "mimi" (which is a no go since that's my sis' nickname and we can't have 2 "mimi's" running around), and her personal favorite and the one she is pushing for: "yaya" (grandmother in greek).

ok, overlooking the fact that we aren't even 1 ounce filipino or greek, i'm just really really really not feeling yaya. and me being the smart a$$ that i am, i dubbed my mom "lady yaya" 1) because the word yaya makes me think of the crazy artist lady gaga, and 2) i was hopeful that once i called my mom "lady yaya" she would see how crazy it sounded and would change her mind about being called that. little did i know that this would backfire in my face. apparently my "crazy as a fox" mother LIKES this nickname. *sigh* so anyway, i think my sis and i will continue to call her "lady yaya" (hey, why waste a good nickname?!), and i'll just tell Baby T to call her the good old-fashioned "abuela" (grandmother in spanish) once he gets here - lol.

"Pa-pa-poker face, pa-pa-poker face"


Whitney said...

lol you are a trip, girl! :)

Mauricio&Sanja said...

Oh,how funny..'lady yaya'.
We went through the same thing with our abuela-God forbid I ever call her that:-),and settle down for 'tita'(shor for abuela).
Very smart decision not to tell a name until he's born.Be strong,don't let them crack you!!!:-)

rebecca said...

Hilarious...loved this post, lady yaya is very catchy:) Good luck on name hunting...I'm sure you'll know it when you come across the right one!

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