Monday, July 26, 2010

PotD: My 1st Half-day @ Ms. C's

This morning I'm dropping J off at C's house for the 1st time...wish me luck!

For all my Dolphin fans - check out his socks!

Funny story about the socks: when I was preggo, I started taking an aqua class on the days I wasn't teaching Zumba, and became friends with the instructor, a lovely (& hilarious) Chinese woman named Sun. Anyway, when she found out I was preggo, she started bringing J gifts. One day, she brought me a cute pair of shoes with these socks inside. And she had no clue that I am from Miami. Though I've never been a "Dol-fan". So I guess that this season J and I will be rooting for the Dolphins!


x4amommy said...

Awe! He is a sweet baby. He did very well his first time away, and so did you :)

paula0277 said...

Tiffany, you "SURVIVED" today (I knew Julius would). Each day becomes a little easier :)

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