Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 wk status and other happenings...

well my little guy is 5.5 wks old. i seriously can't believe that it's been that long - amazing! i was telling D the other day that now that we have J here, it feels like he's always been here. no awkward "wow, there is a baby in the house" feeling. he just fits!

we've been really busy lately entertaining guests. last week D's mom and sis came to visit J for a couple of days...

then my parents/sis came (and are currently still here) to visit their adorable grandson/nephew...

here are some cool things that have been happening with us:
  • J is now ~11 lbs 5 oz (with no clothes on) when i weighed him a couple of days ago, so he's still gaining weight pretty regularly
  • he is now sleeping a *little* longer through the nights. the last few nights he's had about 3.5-4 hr sleep cycles, which i greatly appreciate!
  • he does GREAT with "strangers". as long as he's fed, he does awesome being passed around from person to person. no meltdowns at all!
  • he likes to start his day off with a BIG bowel movement. i get woken up around 630-7 am to the sound of grunting, and eventually he does his business. but he seems to be making a habit out of starting his day out with an empty intestine!
  • he can now follow things with his eyes/head. and it seems like he can pick out my voice and tell who i am (or at least that i'm the one with the food)!
  • i'm back to teaching my zumba classes after 4 wks off! it's good to be back teaching especially since i really enjoy the people and the class! and i've been feeling great!
  • i can finally wear my pre-pregnancy clothes! after ~7 months with a limited wardrobe i now feel as though my wardrobe has more than doubled. it feels great to have options again!
  • breastfeeding is going MUCH better!
  • J has much longer awake cycles. but again, as long as he's fed, he does fine just sitting and checking things out for a while until he wants to be held.
  • he LOVES the new mei tai carrier we got from heavenly hold! he is out like a light once he's in it. and its allowed us to get out more since i'm not worried about him being fussy. we also just got a mesh ring sling with the hopes that this will make bath/shower time easier/shorter for both of us.
and finally, i tried to get a pic comparison of J then and now. here he is at 1 wk old...

compared to him at 5.5 wks old...

he's filled out a bit, eh? :)


Rachel said...

He is a beautiful baby! His skin is just gorgeous. And I love the mesh ring! I had never heard of those...very handy!

paula0277 said...

I really enjoyed visiting my "1st grandchild". The week with Julius and family was great. I really hated leaving. Each morning before I go to work or leave my house, I stop by the bedroom and take a look at Julius's picture. He's always there in my mind.

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