Monday, December 19, 2011

December Giveaway Winner

well we have come to the end of our monthly Juju giveaways. i can hardly believe that this year is coming to a close. in some ways i'm excited, even hopeful that 2012 will bring brighter days. but i know that there is no way to escape the bad days. they come with the territory of being a bereaved parent. your heart never forgets that it's missing someone dearly. not for one second have i forgotten that my son passed away. so to think that 2012 will be free and clear of heartache and pain is not realistic. but i do hope with all of my might that next year showers us, and all of my hurting friends, with some much needed sunshine in the midst of the pain.

anyway, i'm sorry that i am posting the winner a day late, but i have been a bit under the weather.  when i picked the winner {using} i had a good chuckle. it doesn't make sense why i would laugh when picking the winner of a donation to the charity of their choice until you know the backstory. last week, the person who won, had a similar giveaway, and i won. so when i saw that she won mine, it made me laugh to think that somehow maybe our babies had arranged this. and i also thought i should definitely take a pic of the result on my phone so that no one thinks i fudged the results. ;) so anyway, the winner of this month's giveaway was comment #2....Brooke, Eliza's mom!

so i will be making a $25 donation to the National Share organization {in memory of both Eliza and Julius}, whose mission is to "is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or in the first few months of life." it's actually an honor for me to end my giveaways with this donation. though i have never received support personally from Share, i know many have, and i'm glad to do anything to help such a worthy cause. thank you to everyone who entered. i truly wish i could donate to all of the charities that were posted.

now begins my quest for what to do in honor of Julius next year...


Brooke said...

This made my day! Thanks for offering the giveaway, and for honoring Julius (and Eliza) in such a lovely way.

LauraJane said...

Hilarious! :)

Natasha said...

Such a beautiful way to honor Julius and Eliza ♥

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