Monday, December 12, 2011

TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting

Julius' spot
last night was the TCF worldwide candle lighting. this was our 2nd year participating. last year it had only been 2 months since his passing when we went. this year we were a day shy of 14 months. it still stung. it was still incredibly painful to be there remembering and honoring my son in a way that NO parents wants to. i wish i could go back to the days when i knew nothing about candle lightings or TCF.

our local area chapter of TCF hosted a beautiful ceremony, as they do yearly. and so i was there again, for him. we had a candle burning there and at home for our little man, and all of the precious children who have left this world far too soon.


Mary said...

I am so thankful that we went together. Through the sadness, my heart was still warmed by knowing that I was sitting in a row with four good friends. I am not happy about how we met, but I am so grateful to have you in my life to share in the pain, sorrow, and especially the laughter. I was glad that Julius and Gage's spots were right next to each other.

Megan said...

Oh Tiff, I love his Mickey! :')

I wish the same, that I knew nothing of these days. That I knew nothing about lighting candles for innocent babies passing away.

But at the same time, I am envious of you. Having a physical group nearby where you can participate. My area, being so small, offers no such thing or type of events.

Sending love to you. <3

Ashley said...

So beautiful! Thinking of you and Julius <3

Anonymous said...

We lit a candle at home too. Thinking of you and Julius. Take care.

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