Wednesday, May 22, 2013

another may

it's been a while since i've written, and honestly, it's because i've been too overwhelmed by my emotions that i decided the best thing to do was not to acknowledge them. but that only gets you so far. and before i knew it, a minor argument with my hubby about something so trivial ended with me sobbing in bed asking the universe why it saw fit to take my son from me. so yea, that was my clue that it was about time to write...

we are almost through another may. the month of my son's birth. he would be turning 3 this year. it's hard for me to imagine the 3 year old he would have been. no doubt, he would have been the most beautiful 3 year old i would have ever laid my eyes on. but i wonder what his personality would have been like. watching his sister's personality develop is so very bittersweet. because in my heart i know he was my mellow, obedient, loving child. but i never got to see how it unfolded. i will never get to see all of those "quirks" that would have made him him. it's hard to reconcile that fact in my mind. after all this time, it's still hard to believe he is gone.

this year to celebrate Julius' birthday, we will be spending the day as a family. we plan to take baby girl to the zoo, and don our Julius the monkey gear. there will be some type of sweet treat, though i haven't really decided that yet. it's always so hard to plan how to celebrate the birthday of your child that is no longer with you. this will be my 3rd without him, and it hasn't gotten any easier. actually nothing about grieving his loss has gotten easier other than my ability to "fake it" in public. the pain is still as deep and profound, the longing still as intense. grieving your child is a lifelong process for sure.

in addition to dealing with all of the feelings surrounding Julius' birthday, i had to deal with mother's day. i still dread that day even though our baby girl is here. luckily we were at a cookout to celebrate someone's graduation from college, so i wasn't too focused on what day it was. and only had to deal with one comment/question about it being my 1st mother's day. on the whole the day wasn't too bad.

and as if those 2 events weren't enough, we also moved this month. we moved from our 1st house - the house that has been there for us through the birth of both of our children, and the death of our son. the house that has seen us at our absolute worst, and has sheltered and protected us. we had that house built, and picked out the colors of everything. it was my personal sanctuary, and i was very attached to it. but in the end, we had to move. it's really hard to think about the fact that i won't have memories of Julius alive in our new place. i know he is still with us, but it's different. and that difference makes it so painfully hard to bear.


B. Wilson @ Windy {City} Wilsons said...

I didn't know you had that house built yourselves. It's crazy how something can be so conflicting... place with the hardest memories and place that provided the deepest comfort.

I am sad Julius wasn't there on Mother's Day and not here for his birthday. I am angry about it, too. It's simply not fair. Loving and remembering and wishing we were seeing photos of the soon-to-be gorgeous, mild-mannered 3-year old that would be picked on by his little sister.

Mama Bear said...

I'm struggling this May too. Remembering Julius and looking forward to meeting you and his little sister soon. xoxo

LauraJane said...

Ugh, I bet he would have been so stinkin' adorable at three years old! Just so hard to believe THREE, ya know? Just as two was impossible to understand, three is even more so.

It's just unreal. Life long process for sure.

Natasha said...

Three years....unreal.

Time just moves on and it's so unfair. Thinking of you guys this month and your sweet Julius. It's all so hard and that never changes. Love to you my friend <3

rebecca said...

Moving is so incredibly bittersweet especially given all the memories held within those walls. Hoping you find comfort in your new home and that it will hold the best of memories throughout the coming years for your family.

You've been on my heart and mind so much with Julius' Birthday approaching. We think of him often in our home as well and will never forget him. I also wish the world and your family would have gotten to see him as a toddler. Sending love and hope that you find some small pockets of peace during what is such a difficult day and that you feel the love of so many surrounding your family as we all remember that special little boy with the amazing smile!

brigette said...

I'm so sorry mama. Moving is way hard qhen all of their alive memories are there. Praying for you!!!

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