Tuesday, February 23, 2010

baby carrier heaven!!

a few posts ago i mentioned that i purchased a baby wrap from a wonderful seller off of Etsy. well, a few days after that i also purchased another baby carrier (an Ergo) from heavenly hold. i know, i know, i have SO much self-control!! ;)

i had received my wrap a few days ago; but yesterday when i got home from the gym, i noticed that my ergo had come in. and in typical "immediate gratification" fashion, i whipped them out (as soon as i got them), got out the cabbage patch simulation baby (please don't ask me why i still have my cabbage patch doll), and started practicing (and taking pictures - must.document.everything).

the wrap (which is very similar to the moby wrap in that it is 1 long piece of fabric) was SO intimidating to me (as i knew it would be), but after i found a very helpful video on youtube, i got the hang of it.

here's my 1st attempt

as you can see, i pretty much epic failed at tying it. it should NOT be this tangled looking in the back

but in my defense 1) it was my 1st attempt, and 2) it's hard to maneuver things around my ever-growing belly. i tried again last night, and did much better, so i think i'm just going to practice daily so that i can master the wrap.

the ergo was considerably easier because it just buckles in the back. so once again, i gathered my assistant, and strapped her in.

i can't wait to take Baby T for a spin in these!! :)


x4amommy said...

Those are awesome!

Cary Martinez said...

LOVE your assistant!!! take a picture of her so we can see her :) I LOVE CABBAGE PATCH!

paula0277 said...

that's one lucky Cabbage Patch Doll. Who would know one day, they would come in handy?

Tiffany said...

@cary, lol, i will take a pic of my assistant tonight! :)

Lisa said...

You are too cute! I love the patterns. Love the carriers though they do a number on your back, but they make life easier! I liked the hotslings

Darcel said...

I LOVE baby carriers! Wraps are my favorite. Looks like you've already been bitten by the addiction bug. Are you going to cloth diaper? That's a whole different world of addiction.

rebecca said...

I LOVE the wrap...you will have to tell me what store on etsy you got that from, I'm going to need one of those for sure:) Love that you still have a cabbage patch doll too..I loved those things!

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