Friday, February 19, 2010

Eeeeeek, less than 100 days!

Great Odin's Raven!! i just noticed that we are under the 100 day mark! how did that happen?? it's crazy to think that 26 wks ago i began this pregnancy journey that is now more than half over, and in less than 100 days, D and i will be welcoming another little being into our homes, catering to his needs (guess i have to stop being "princess" for a while - lol), and shaping/molding his little mind (God bless him)! all panic attacking aside, i'm really excited to soon meet this little person that is unfortunate enough to have some of the craziest people as his parents - lol. i want to see what he looks like, and figure out who's personality he got (crossing my fingers that it's mine - lol). and if you can measure a child's demeanor by how they act in the womb. i'm confident that we're going to have a very mellow/obedient child (or that might be a lot of wishful thinking). btw, if anyone knows where i can get a "parenthood for dummies" book - let me know because i'm pretty sure we have no idea what we're doing. :)


Cary Martinez said...

I can finally comment! Im entering the world of blogging thank you to this blog :P I will keep following in your pregnancy journey! :)

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