Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review: Hypnobirthing

i'm so proud to say that this book did NOT take me 4 months to read like my last book. here's my review...

great book! mongan presents a wonderful method of relaxation for those interested in giving birth naturally or in a stress-free environment. she believes that birth does not have to be a painful event full of fear and worry. she teaches the reader (with the help of a cd included with the book) how to enter into a state of calm and relaxation using visualization and breathing techniques. she provides several affirmations in the book for mom to say to help feel empowered and at ease with the birth process that will eventually begin. she gives advice on the different positions that will assist with birthing baby. and provides pointers on different things that can be done in order to make the birthing experience better for both mom and baby.

this book is a great book to read even for those not planning to have a natural birth. too often we are told that birth is something that needs to be feared (for various reasons), and reading this book may help calm mother and bring a new found confidence about giving birth to their babies. my favorite quotes from the book are: "The manner in which you labor and birth, and the atmosphere into which your baby is born, should offer the same love and care that you provided as you carried him," and "The birthing environment should have the same respect and calm as a place of worship." no doubt, there are situations in which it is not possible to have a completely calm, worry-free birth. but we need to make it a practice to listen to and trust in our bodies and their natural ability to give birth. and this book helps us to take that first step. i'm very glad i read it!


Mrs Huff RNC said...

I used this with my last pregnancy. I loved going to my "peace sanctuary!" ;) The breathing technique was GREAT during 2nd stage.

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