Wednesday, February 17, 2010

some prayer requests...

i don't usually get serious (and those that know me in person will vouch for that), but i just wanted to ask a favor from everyone out there reading. if you are so inclined, could you please keep the families of the victims of last week's tragic shooting at the university of alabama-huntsville in your thoughts and prayers? this city has seen 2 tragic, terrible, senseless shootings in the last 2 weeks (very very VERY uncharacteristic of this city/area), and we're all trying hard to make sense out of it.

one of the victim's (dr. joseph leahy) family has started their own blog to document his recovery, and let everyone know how he's doing. so if you get a moment, check it out and show your support. it seems like he is getting better little by little.

and my 2nd prayer request is for a very good, dear friend of mine. she and her hubby recently started their fertility treatment journey a few months ago, and she *just* got word that she is preggo! i'm am so beyond thrilled for them. they are such a loving, generous, caring couple, and i know that they are going to make excellent parents (hell, i'm more confident of their abilities than my own - lol)! so please keep her and her hubby in your thoughts and prayers that baby(ies) stick and everything goes smoothly!!


rebecca said...

Love sorry I missed your call earlier:(

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