Wednesday, February 3, 2010

pics and stuff...

finally the pics from last week's u/s are here!! my wonderful coworker scanned them in (thank you, marisa!) since my hubby was being a *major* slacker (and i don't even want to hear that i could have scanned them myself - i'm already doing enough work!).

the proof that we're having a boy!

he's facing right at us in this one...

i call this one his "skeletor shot". he-man, anyone?

in other exciting news, i registered us for a bradley natural childbirth class. it's a 10 week course that starts on the 13th of this month, and meets weekly until apr 17th! i'm really excited about it!! i think it might help both D and i get better prepared for Baby T! for those of you interested in the bradley method, check out their website.

in not so exciting news, i just made an appt with a chiropractor for this afternoon. :( for the past couple of days my mid-back has been killing me. i was hoping to hold off until my massage appt next wed, but i don't think i'll make it that long. the pain really starts when i'm sitting, and guess what? i have a desk job! so i'm literally in pain all day. i've tried to put a cushion behind my back, and even brought in my heating pad today, but nothing is helping. why couldn't i have a job in which i lay in bed all day?


rebecca said...

Great pic's baby T is looking fabulous!!! Best of luck with the natural birth classes, you're a stronger women that I...bring on the drugs I say:) Ah, the marvels of modern them!

Darcel said...

How cute! Yay for you having a natural birth. You'll feel so empowered and like you can do anything.

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