Monday, October 18, 2010

In Remembrance of Julius Luciano...

in our darkest hours we have been blessed enough to be surrounded by such amazing, caring, generous people. though we are struggling with anger over why this had to happen to our son, there are times when it is so very hard to be angry because we feel the love and support of those around us. in the last few days friends, family, and those we have never met before have reached out to us to let us know that we are not alone on our journey through hell, and that Julius will *always* be remembered. here are a few of the ways...

Rachel over at Triplet Butterfly Wings was so very kind and generous enough to release a butterfly in memory of Julius. You can see his butterfly here.

our photographer and friend, Whitney, was kind enough to post a memorial to Julius on her blog. In the blog post you can see some of the gorgeous pics she took during our last photo shoot with her. but you can view all of the pics on my online photo album.

we were also privileged enough to meet a very lovely and talented woman, Stacey, through our church. she is the owner of a company called Earth and Sea Designs and designs gorgeous jewelry out of roses and clay. she was generous enough to make me this necklace with a personalized photo of J and i from our photo shoot the day before he passed away.

i love the necklace and wear it daily along with the keepsake necklace i bought from LillyEllen a few months ago that is engraved with his first and middle name and birth date.


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