Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy List: My Baby Boy

first, i want to say thank you to everyone for their support and love after my last post. i was feeling quite down, and just reading all the loving messages really lifted my spirits. this has actually been a good weekend. friday, D and i spent the day up in nashville {post coming soon about that}, but we had a good time. though our first easter without Juju was difficult, it was a day spent doing things in his honor, so it was "good."

earlier this week i finally received the painting that natasha wescoat did for us. omg, it is so much more amazing in person. and it even came with it's own registration information {yep, Juju is a work of art in more ways than one ;)}. so i decided to hang it up today...

close up

i absolutely love it, and i'm so glad that i decided to contact her. though i would much rather have my baby boy back, i'm so happy to have this special tribute to him. that wall is actually the 1st thing we see when we walk out of our bedroom, so i'll be greeted by his lovely smile every morning.

i love the painting so much, that i decided to turn it into a "skin" for my phone.

i also got the memorial stone for Julius' garden earlier this week {i ordered it from Personalization Mall} ...

ok, so i like it, but i don't love it. first, you can hardly see his name {no, it's not just your monitor, that's how it looks in person too}. but i'm not going to send it back. i think i'm just going to paint the letters myself with some type of waterproof paint so that it really stands out. i may pick another milestone day in may to do it as a project to keep myself busy.

and here is a pic of his memorial garden at the front of our house {please keep in mind that it's a work in progress, and that i don't have a green thumb at all}.

so those are just some of the small things that have brought me joy this week amidst all of the sadness. and though i did my best to ignore that today was easter, i lit a few candles around the house. i lit these two candles in particular in honor of all the precious little ones that are in heaven instead of in the arms of their parents this easter. and because these are my wishes for all of my baby loss parents - peace and comfort.


Raquel said...

Love Julius' painting. Also, love the new skin on your phone.

Praying that this will be an easier week for you. Sending hugs your way!

Angie said...

Wonderful post! I'm in love with your painting, it came out beautifully. I really like the idea of painting your remembrance stone next month. Your garden looks cute! I'm so happy you had a peaceful few days. xo

New Year Mum said...

What a beautiful painting... and so great that you could turn it into a phone skin to have it with you everywhere. Love to you over Easter xoxo

BBH said...

How beautiful!

Caroline said...

So beautiful , I love all of it.

Natasha said...

First I have to say that I am sooooo glad that you had a good weekend and that you got to do things in Juju's honor! I've been praying for you lady!

AND I love your list!!! That phone skin is sooooo cute!!! I'm glad I know how to make one now :) LOVE LOVE LOVE his painting- it's so beautiful!!!!! I'm glad you are going to paint and personalize his stone :) It will be perfect in his beautiful garden!

And finally I love those candles :) They are perfect for Easter!

Sending lots of love!!!


brigette said...

The picture is AMAZING!! I love the phone idea as well. You guys are doing great things!! So much love to you always!

Becky said...

That is so awesome that you were able to get a painting of Julius and even make it into a skin for your phone.
I love the garden and I also am looking for some kind of rock or peice that I can get engraved to go in my garden. I love the candles, that was very sweet of you to light them in honor of all of the other baby loss mothers on Easter.
Julius has such a wonderful mother. Take Care

TanaLee Davis said...

Oh Tiffany,
That painting is gorgeous, Natasha did a lovely job with it. What a bright painting. You have just the perfect size wall for it too!

As for the garden, I don't have much of a green thumb myself...but trying is what counts. You can always read up on plants too that might help. Its funny the whole rock thing....I was thinking man, "why would she show us the rock but blur out the words ect?" Then you its a bummer that it came out that way.

One side note: I am SO sorry for not commenting much lately, I've neglected a lot of blogs including my own. I promise to try and not only visit your blog but comment too.


Brooke said...

That painting is too gorgeous--it not only reflects the adorable baby from the photos I've seen, but it really seems to capture Julius's little personality as you have described it.

I love the candles, too. Thanks for thinking of all of us even in the midst of your own sadness.

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I love Julius' painting! It is so gorgeous!!


What a beautiful painting, glad that things are a bit better ((Hugs))

Rhiannon said...

I love your happy things, especially Julius's is amazing! I have those candles, too :)

elena said...

Sending lots of hugs your way. I love the picture and the candles are amazing!

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