Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winner of Giveaway #4 & 6 Month Angelversary

wow, i can't believe that giveaway #4 has come to an end. can you believe that i actually forgot?? i forgot about the giveaway. i forgot today was his 6 month angelversary. i've been so consumed with figuring out how i'm going to get through his 1st birthday that i'm completely forgetting everything else. but i'm back on track, and ready to announce the winner.

and the winner of the keepsake remembrance necklace from LillyEllen Designs is comment #27

Our Journey {momma to precious Eden}!!!!

i'm so excited that you have won this necklace and now have an extra piece of jewelry to add to your armor. please send me an email with your selections and your address, and i'll get that submitted for you. just in case you have forgotten, here are the things you have to decide on:

"This solid sterling silver bar comes hand stamped with the names, dates, or words or your choosing. I can fit about 7 or 8 letters on each side. This bar necklace also includes a 3/4" sterling silver disc stamped as you wish and a freshwater pearl. A Sterling Silver Ball or rolo chain is included!"

i want to thank everyone that entered my giveaway. it really does bring me some comfort to be able to do a little something special for you ladies. i appreciate all of your love and support so much that i want to give back in any way i can. i just wish i could give a necklace away to everyone who entered.
Dear Juju,
Today is your 6 month angelversary. It's been 6 whole months since I last held you in my arms. It's been 6 whole months since I was complete. I miss you so much. I miss you with my entire being, with my soul. I've been trying hard to keep myself busy so I don't think about how much pain I'm in, but it never really works. I would give my very life to be with you again. Next month will be your 1st birthday. I'm already having a hard time dealing with it, so please stay extra close to me and help me get through this. Your love and your light are all I live for now.
Loving you forever,


brigette said...

Happy 6 months to your sweet Ju Ju. You are so amazing to be so new in your grief and giving to others! Thanks for all of your love and support!!

Our Journey said...

6 months...It's so bittersweet. Thinking of you and praying God's peace for you today. I loved when God would send me little reminders of Eden when I needed them the most. I pray that for you today.
I am so shocked and honored to be the winner of this giveaway! Thank you! What a wonderful way for me to keep Eden's memory alive. As time goes on we (mommy and daddy) never forget her, but I do find that others may forget. This will be a new way for me to talk about her and keep her memory alive. This means so much to me!

Tiffany said...

Congrats Kimberly!

Tiffany, 6 months. It's unfathomable. Thinking of you and Julius' sweet smile today!

Natasha said...

Yay for Kimberly!!!

Tiffany I am praying for you and thinking of Juju with lots of love today! Hugs mama!

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