Sunday, January 9, 2011

hang on, just don't ever let go...

well, the rough week that i was having turned into a *really* rough weekend.  i've, once again, been forced to take a step back and reflect on aspects of my life, which i'm sure i will post about more in detail later. i just can't right now because i'm so exhausted from the non-stop sobfests i've had all.weekend.long. but i did want to post a song/lyrics that seem to be getting me through this moment - "hang on" by plumb {the dance remix version - because everything just sounds better that way}.

I'm so stubborn
That's how I got here
So alone
Feels like forever
I wanna swim away
And breathe the open air
But I feel so afraid
Then I hear you say

Hang on
When the water is rising
Hang on
When the waves are crashing
Hang on
Just don't ever let go

I'm so hungry
How can I stay here?
For what I hold so dear
Like a hurricane
It takes everything
From me
Wake me from this dream

Hang on
When the water is rising
Hang on
When the waves are crashing
Hang on
Just don't ever let go
Hang on
When you're barely breathing
Hang on
While your heart's still beating
Hang on
Just don't ever let go

Three days
Or thirty years
So hopeless
It doesn't matter
Don't say it's too late
If you blink your eyes
The sun is rising
The sun is rising


Anonymous said...

Hi sorry that your weekend hasn't been good..I listened to your song....I probably needed to hear that song too....please know anytime you want to talk about anything...I will listen.....I love you....

Megan said...

I love Plumb. :) Have you heard all of her songs?

rebecca said...

I'm so sorry it's been a rough weekend. You know I'm always here if you need a group cry or laugh. Love you so much my friend ((hugs))

Jenny said...

I'm sorry its been rough. Its amazing how much your eyes hurt after crying for a few hours the day before.
Talk to people when you need to, don't close up k! I get there sometimes and its not a good spot.

Angie said...

Another song I always really really liked in the first several months of grieving was "When the Rain Comes" by Third Day. I'm really sorry you've had a rough week and weekend.

noah's mommy + daddy said...

Oh Tiffany I'm so sorry you had such a rough weekend! I feel the same way...a horrible week turned into an even worse weekend. I spent hours crying everyday. I was just so emotional and now I'm exhausted from it. I think my life is settling in now and it's causing me to take steps backwards in my grief. Please call me or email or fb if you need anything at all. Here's hoping to a much more peaceful week for the both of us.

Angie said...

Sending you strength and love. Those rough days/weekends/weeks are torture. It's like you're so low and there is nothing on earth that can pull you up. I used to just lie on the nursery floor sobbing and screaming FUCK!!! into Aiden's red, monsters blanket. But with each sobfest it got a teeny tiny bit easier the next time around.

I'm sorry your Juju is gone. I'm sorry he sits in a tiny urn on your dresser and not in your arms. I'm sorry you and D are alone in your once warm, lively home. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Caroline said...

Sorry your weekend hasn't been good. Keeping you in my prayers always Tiffany. I'm sorry wish I could mend your broken heart. {{HUGS}}

Our Journey said...

Sorry you had a rough weekend... (((hugs)))

Rhiannon said...

"Hang on"...that's all we can do. Hang on and hope for better days ahead. I am sorry that you had such a rough weekend. Thinking of you always and sending lots of hugs your way.

Trena said...

I've never heard that song before but I love it :) I am so sorry that you had a rough weekend. ((hugs)) I am keeping you in my prayers. Praying for strength and peace. Hanging on is all we can do. It sucks, I know, and most times it feels like we are hanging on by the smallest thread. Nothing wrong with having sobfests. Let it out. I am here whenever you need to talk, or just need someone to listen to you. ((hugs)) ♥ Juju ♥ Always thinking of your precious Juju.

Alesha said...

I'm so sorry you're having a terrible time. Praying for your strength and some calm for a little while. ((hugs))

Organized Chaos said...

It was a rough weekend for me too. Those sobfests come and go and I imagine it will always be that way. Part of me wants it to always be that way. I think of you all the time. The songs that get me are Steven Curtis Chapman's Heaven is the Face and Beauty will Rise. His story is so similar to ours, but wow. Heaven is definitely the face of my little girl now.

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