Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Blog Design

i just want to take some time to brag about ms. franchesca over at Small Bird Studio...

you've probably already noticed the changes to my blog {it is quite different from my last blog layout}. i immediately fell in love with her work after i saw what she did to rebecca's blog a few months ago. i contacted her a couple of weeks ago because i was ready to give mine a more personal feel {i think i'm in this for the long haul now}, and i wanted to add some pics of my baby boy to it - he is, after all, the reason i started this blog. since i'm SO not creative at all {i'm a typical engineer}, i thought it was best to contact a professional.

i think she did an amazing job, and i'm so pleased with the way it came out. she was so wonderful to work with. and she finished and installed the new layout on his 1 month 'angel-versary'. that may have been a coincidence, but these days anyone that brings me any kind of comfort {accidentally or not} wins a special place in my heart. it's small comforts like these that give me the strength to just be for one more moment...

she also, unfortunately, is another "Baby Loss Momma" {BLM}. she lost her precious daughter Jenna Belle last year {you can read her story here}. Juju's loss has forced me to become familiar with the rather large community of very caring, loving women that are all trying to make it, while mourning their precious babies. how far this BLM community reaches is something that i never would have known had it not been for Julius. though i wish this community of women didn't need to exist; i'm so grateful for the people i have "met," and the support i have received.

thank you so much, franchesca! you will never know how thankful i am for you and your work. <3


rebecca said...

She did an amazing job! The BLM community really is so incredible, I too have been surprised at how far it reaches. I'm so glad you feel the support within it, the women in the BLM blogosphere have truly has been a lifeline for me this past year!

Tiffany said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. Fran did an amazing job! She did my blog as well. Hoping to help you through these difficult times. Sending my love.


Esperanza said...

Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to it's maker. I'll definitely be following her blog as well.

lis said...

it is so beautiful, and so is Julius.

Tanashia said...

Your new blog is beautiful! I am soo sorry about your loss.


Megan said...

I love your new blog design... I get to be greeted by Juju's big adorable smile everyday! <3

All my love and prayers,

Rachel said...

LOVE the new look! I've missed little J's sweet smile, so it's nice to see it everyday. :)

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