Friday, February 11, 2011

So humbled and proud...

well this post is going to have a very different tone than my post earlier this morning. my emotions are understandably all out of whack these days, and grief just intensifies/magnifies everything i'm feeling. but thank you all for continuing to read along and provide insight, love and support. it means so much to me.


this afternoon, our new site In His Name had the honor of being featured on the blog Honoring Our Angels.

Monica, who lost her precious daughter Devon in november 2008 started this site as a way to provide a list of resources available to those who have lost children. she says on her blog:

"I started Honoring Our Angels to serve as a resource for all those that have lost a child. I know that after Devon passed away, I only heard about available resources through word of mouth. I searched tirelessly through the Internet to find what I was needing only to have most of my time wasted. Honoring Our Angels is that resource that I always wished I had.

I hope that you can feel connected to others that have experienced similar loss, find the resources that you are needing, and find opportunities and way of giving back and serving others that are struggling."

i know after we lost Julius, i was desperate to find resources to help me deal with the immense pain. i was blessed enough to have a very good friend that unfortunately had, herself, become a BLM. and she sent me tons of links, books, etc to help me during those first couple of weeks when i couldn't do anything for myself. but when i was "strong" enough i had to search and search for other resources, especially SIDS related resources, groups, etc. my hope is that our site may help those families affected by SIDS/SUID. i hope that we can provide them with helpful resources, put them in contact with helpful people with the SIDS community, and that we can, at the very least, walk with them on their grief journey.

Monica, i thank you for featuring our blog, giving us another amazing avenue in which to reach families in need, and providing your support to us and our little man for whom we live!

if you have experienced a loss, or know someone who has, please check out Honoring Our Angels for a list of resources available to you, and to see how you can help those in need.


rebecca said...

You are such an amazing person! There are so many families who will be strengthened and blessed because of you taking the time and compassion to reach out to them in their darkest moment. You my friend are such an incredible inspiration. Love you so much ((hugs))

Monica said...

Awww thanks! Your post is too kind!

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